Company Profile

Isak Amram Chemicals Corporation was established in 1952 as a major chemicals supplier to many industries. Its core competency has traditionally been importing raw materials, including all variants of latex and natural rubber that are used in a variety of industrial activities. Its contracted suppliers have mainly been in Malaysia, Vietnam, India, Taiwan, Russia, and China. The company's revenues escalated exponentially throughout the decades. The company was also recognized by the Turkish Chamber of Commerce, via placement on the Honor Roll, many times.

In the 1970s, the company made the strategic decision to commence production. Imported raw materials were molded and formed into crepes, mainly for the footwear industry. Besides production, the company also added new chemicals to its portfolio, such as synthetic rubber and neoprene. Throughout the years, Isak Amram Chemicals Corporation has been recognized by its strong supply chain, proactiveness, and quality. These three guiding principles led the company to its success and prestige worldwide.

In the 2000s, the company was renamed to Rubiteks Latex and Rubber Corporation to reflect its evolving vision for a changing global marketplace.

Rubiteks' basic competitive edge for its foreign strategic partners is based on having a strong sales force network, "hole in the wall" understanding in supply management, prestige nationwide based on its successful performance, and being open to new ideas continuously. These factors have combined to help the company form strategic alliances throughout the world. The company, throughout its evolution, has not only been a flagship for Turkish industrial life, but also a major case study to be analyzed for being "so global and so local" at the same time.

Rubiteks remains poised to leverage its geostrategic location, its extensive partner portfolio, and its unparallelled body of experience, to forge innovative, impactful, and synergistic win-win opportunities for both itself and its clients.